Graced To Win!

But the grace of God also teaches us that the power of sin to condemn us is now broken. We no longer face the wreckage of our lives. We no longer carry the oppressive weight of them. There is not any longer the prospect of simple condemnation for us. We find in the grace of God a tremendous freedom from the things that once enslaved us, and from which we are powerless to free ourselves. God’s kindness to us, in that he bore within his own self the consequences of our personal failures.

And this is where grace is our teacher, for it tells us that not that we can be victorious over sin if only we try hard enough, but that God has been triumphant over it. We are to be after

Christs, living in the glow of God’s mercy. And that, knowing that, is the thing that teaches us to say ‘No’, and to get a grip on ourselves.

Grace enables us to win in life!