Grace! Eat and live


Hebrews 13:9 (WNT)Do not be drawn aside by all sorts of strange teaching; for it is well to have the heart made stedfast through God’s grace, and not by special kinds of food, from which those who scrupulously attend to them have derived no benefit.

It is well to have the heart made steadfast by grace. It is the word of grace in this last day that is going to strengthen the believer.

We live in an age that now more than ever that the enemy of our souls is frantically trying to manifest his works in plain sight. We must be very wary of his devices even in the church and return to the simplicity that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many have been taken in diverse strange teachings but God wants us to come back to the fundamental roots of the faith. It is out of this understanding that we will begin to see the miraculous power of Jesus extend into the world, which in turn will win the hearts of many.

The reason for the lack of stability among believers is the lack of understanding of where we are in Christ.