What Child Is This?

The Month of December is a Month of reminders. In December we are reminded that a young virgin girl named Mary, had been visited several months before by an angelic visitor from the heavenly Kingdom. with the amazing news that she would be the one to give birth to a child who would be the Savior of the world.

What awesome news, what a tremendous responsibility. But how this to be? Mary knew that the only way this could happen was through the natural means of martial intercourse, and although engaged to be married to Joseph, they had not had any sexual relations.

How could this be that she would bear this child? The angel responded, the Holy Ghost [Spirit] shall come on you and you shall be bear this child. To which Mary responded, “be it so unto me.” What a glorious utterance.

These remarkable ” words ” set in train the glorious, most important, and miraculous pregnancy into motion. The God of the Universe, the Great Creator, was supernaturally released as a Divine Seed into the womb of this young virgin girl. The Child of destiny, purpose and redemption was now in the Earth.

Just think about it! For nine months, Mary  carried God in her Womb. Is it Mary that we set apart for special mention? What she did was truly remarkable, but child in her womb was the most amazing child that would ever be born.

What child is this? Emmanuel, God in the flesh, God with us, God became a Man and moved into our neighborhood.

This little child is now the King of Kings.