Such wonderful marvelous Grace!

The word “grace” (chen in Hebrew) is closely connected with the idea of “favor.”  That connection is still seen in modern Hebrew.  When Israelis speak of “finding favor” with another person, the expression “matza chen“  is still used.  These are the identical Hebrew words used of Noah in Genesis 6:8:  “But Noah found favor [grace] in the eyes of the LORD….”  This happens to be the first occasion that the word “grace” is used in scripture.  Although Noah was a righteous man, the favor or grace of God was still unmerited.  God’s grace is always unmerited.

We find numerous examples of unmerited grace in scripture.  Many people found grace although they had terrible problems in their lives.  Think of the sons of Jacob.  Judah, leader of the tribes, sinned horribly with his own betrothed daughter in law, thinking she was but a prostitute (Gen. 38:1-30).  Still, we can certainly say that Judah found grace in God’s eyes. His tribe later brought forth the Messiah. Then there was Levi, that one who was to bring forth the priesthood in Israel, and who was to be the progenitor of the great Moses.  Levi killed men in his anger and was therefore scattered in Israel (Gen. 49:6-7).  Yet he found grace in the eyes of the Lord and was later given responsibility for the priesthood and the Tabernacle.  Then of course there was the great David who committed adultery and murder.  He still found favor with God and was given an eternal messianic kingdom.

The inescapable conclusion before us is that grace is for sinners. But once received the grace of God continues to flow out unabated to the believer.  We also must never think we deserve anything that the Lord has done for us.  His favor or grace is totally unmerited.  God says in Exodus 33:19: “…I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.”

Grace is His, and He reserves the right to pour out His Grace on whomsoever he wishes. So boldly receive of this abundant grace today. Father God desires for you to have it in abundance, so freely receivegraceXflowers.