Woo Others To Father’s Love!

Christ was uninterested, for example, in human beings from the outside in. He was only interested in people from the inside out. He pulled away from people who looked like ‘whitewashed tombs’ but whose insides were filled with ‘the bones of the dead’ (Matthew 23:27).

Intimacy is the opposite of the whitewashed tomb. It is seeing into the core of a person while not being repelled by what you see.”
We tend to only see the outside of people, and we are repulsed by what we see, so often we destroy people by this repulsion. Let us learn to see people with Jesus’ eyes, He looks at hearts. Can we learn to do the same, and reach out and touch the unlovely?
Rather than cart them off to hell and destruction, why not woo them to receive the Father’s unconditional love?