He is Lord!

We are just about to have an election in this country. The last decade or so has brought many changes in nations far and wide, and Barbados has not been left out of the various waves which have swept the world; economic waves, waves of war, waves of global warming, storms waves , waves of racial tension, name it, it has all blown through.

Even as we look toward the future, it seems that more and more challenges are before us. But what can we do, where is the hope?

Many centuries ago, the children of Israel faced very similar situations, while the world was experiencing worldwide famine, God raised up a deliver in Joseph, and he, exercising the wisdom of God brought a solution not only for the nation, but for many other nations, God made a way for the family of Jacob to survive.

Many years later, God did the same for His people in Egypt in the land of Goshen. While the land experienced water woes, insect infestation, frogs, lice, weather woes in the form of giant hailstones, and even death among every family and household. God gave much comfort in the land of Goshen.

While the people of Egypt trusted in their Pharaoh as the lord, in Goshen, the people there trusted in the one true Lord, who shielded, protected and defended them.

God is will to do the same for you, but you must let Him be Lord.

Today, if you do not yet know Him as Lord, turn to His Lordship, and let Him take through the rough seas ahead.

He will not forsake or abandon you.