Be Not Weary

Galatians 6: 9
And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

When this scripture is read, most persons will perhaps read ‘do good to others’, ‘do good by God’s commands’ or ‘being obedient to God’. All the preceding thoughts and inspirations are true. In truth, that is what Christ expects of us but there is an aspect to this that many will miss – being good to yourself.

It is easy to equate good works and actions to being external or towards others but how many of us are good to ourselves? When was the last time you declared ‘blessings be upon me’ or ‘the blessing of the Lord makes me rich and adds no sorrow’? Or have you recently impaired your walk with Christ by throwing stones of guilt and condemnation unto the road you are sojourning with the Lord?

Again, it has been popular church culture that has sensationalized this aspect of a Believer’s life, so we always equate good works with external actions – think not on your own things but on the things of others.

While that is a very true statement the other question must be asked; are you internally wishing you had the things of others? Apostle Paul could make those declarations because he first spent quality time with Christ Jesus getting to know Paul (Galatians 1: 18) – a fresh and new. Paul saw who he was and the actions of his earlier life versus what Christ required of him and would empower him to do, hence these scriptures (Philippians 4: 12 – 13, 1 Corinthians 9: 19 -21).

Often a person underscores, undermines and negates God’s goodness in their lives by never being “Sanctified Selfish” (ref: Message: “Sanctified Selfishness”, Minister Lemuel Taylor). That expression is meant to say that we give others a break, show genuine kindness to people, take thought for what others are going through but when a personal error is made, or we feel under the weather ‘why I so stupid’ or ‘why my head hurting’. But someone needs prayer, and we are at the front of the line.

Give yourself a break!!! Spend time reminding yourself of who our Father and Christ Jesus see you as. Spend time saying how beautiful or how handsome you are. And often doing good – external – gets tiresome because we do a poor job of doing good – internal. Rest assured as the scripture says in Galatians 6, if we remain on task with doing good internally by declaring who our Father in heaven knows we are, then it is easy to give from the reservoirs of built-up internal strength (Word of God).

By establishing who you are in Christ, it makes scriptures like ‘take no thought’ so much easier to apply (Matthew 13: 11, Luke 12: 11). So do not grow weary in doing good, be good to you so you can be good to others.