Morning Coffee 2


On this wonderful———————– morning, be thankful. You are alive and well and God is on your side. Do not let the news of disaster, economic downturns, political upheavals, and all the other negative stuff around you deter you from your day.

God is on your side.

“Lord, our Father, we know nothing can separate us from You today. Teach us how to choose only Your way today so each step will lead us closer to You. Help us walk by Your Word and not by our feelings. Help us to keep our hearts pure and undivided. Protect us from our own careless thoughts, words, and actions. And keep us from being distracted by wants, desires, Let not our thoughts be on how things should be, but Help us to embrace what you send our way as an opportunity . . . rather than see them as personal inconvenience.”

Let us enjoy Your Grace and mercies this day in Jesus’ Name. This is the day the Lord has made, so let us rejoice and be extremely glad in it.