Fresh Grace


Do you enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread? I do. The aroma of freshly baked bread sets the saliva glands in motion and the gastric juices start to flow. Have You ever seen a flowering plant just after the rain has fallen on it, and the rays of the sun shines through ? This is exactly how it is for those who have experienced the Grace of God.

Grace is a whole new fresh experience, so unlike the traditional stuff we have been so accustomed too. Grace is so refreshing, because it is not about a lot of religious talk, it is not something that is taught in some School of Theology, where one has to be consumed with Scholastic 101 intros:

  • Surveys of Old Testament
  • Survey of New Testament
  • Foundations of  Evangelism
  • Biblical Studies  
  • Hermeneutics; semantics;
  • Old Testament Bible Book Study
  • New Testament Bible Book Study
  • World Religions
  • Church History Surveys
  • Systematic Theology 
  • Etc.

While all of the above stuff is great and wonderful, it is nothing compared to “knowing Christ an Him crucified. Grace is all about coming to know Jesus Christ not on a mere head knowledge basis, as a just a famous historical figure, a good man, the Christian figure, the  one who told great stories and parables. Jesus is real, He desires to make Himself known, and to have relationship with mankind. 

Grace brings Christ to bare in our lives in a very meaningful and deep way. To hear His Voice, to feel His Presence, to have daily fellowship, worship, to experience His Peace and Joy. To really know Him.

Knowing Him at this level takes us way pass religion, Grace makes it more personal because it’s all about relationship.

Now is that not a glorious and refreshing thing? He wants to have this daily intercourse with us, new and fresh everyday. That is Grace, new and fresh everyday.

Embrace the freshness of Grace today, and let the power and the aroma of Christ fill your heart. Humble yourself and let Him bathe you with the freshness of His Grace.

James 4:6
Jubilee Bible 2000
But he gives greater grace. Therefore he says, God resists the proud, but gives grace unto the humble.