Member Testimony – 11.06.2016

This is a testimony submitted to Spirit And Truth Ministries by one of our members. We hope that this testimony will be a blessing and an encouragement to you in whatever situation you may be in!

Be blessed!

Blessings to you both pastors.

Just to let you know I love, appreciate and respect you as my pastors, I have learned so much. God’s Grace has given me an abundance of peace, joy, contentment and patience. I was very insecure, always thinking no one loved me because my children were born in fornication, but thank God for my pastors – they taught us about the love of God they not only taught us but expressed it.

Grace has changed my life, knowing that God has forgiven me and loves me forever. I am learning to love Him more, thank Him more for what He has done for me. I believe the new covenant is Grace, Grace, and more Grace! Jesus is the center of my life, He loves me has forgiven me for the rest of my life.

Thank God for you Pastors Remon and Lynnette Taylor, our shepherds, for unveiling the beauty of Jesus’ love for me and for fearlessly preaching the good news: the Gospel of Grace!

Thank you so very much!
God bless you!

– Mother Cas